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In preparation for a safe and healthy summer at CGI, we have updated our health and safety guidance in accordance with the CDC recommendations. These policies may change as new guidance from the CDC, the Governor’s office, or other authoritative entities become available.



Camper Arrival

Camper arrival time will be from 12:00 - 12:15.  Please be patient with our carpool line as following these enhanced health protocols may take longer than usual.  

  • Parents should pull their cars up to the top of the carpool lane. 

  • Mini-Gan will enter at the top Denniston door, the Girls upper camp will enter from the driveway on Forbes, and the Boys Camp will drop off at the Wightman entrance.

  • Staff will take the temperature of each person in the car with a non-touch thermometer. The staff member will be wearing a mask, a face shield, and gloves.

  • The screener will also ask you questions about your child’s health and possible Covid 19 exposure (see screening questions below).   Please do not give your child any medicine to reduce fever or illness symptoms before coming to camp.  Please keep your child home if they show any symptoms of being sick or anyone in your family shows symptoms of being sick.

  • Once the campers in your car have been screened, they will receive a dated sticker saying “Screened.”  This Shows your child is ready to come to camp.

  • If you have children of different ages/CGI camps in the car, please drive to their appropriate drop off location.  They will not need to be rescreened once they have a sticker.

  • If a child has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, they will not be able to attend camp that day.

  • SCREENING QUESTIONS: You will be asked if your child or anyone in your family has been exposed in the last two weeks to someone who tested positive to Covid 19.  You will also be asked if your child has the following symptoms:  dry cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, or rash.  If you reply that these symptoms are present, your child will not be able to come to camp.

  • If the screener detects any of these symptoms on a visual inspection, you will be asked to keep your child home for the day.

  • Older campers who walk must wait outside of camp until they have received their health screen before entering the facility.

  • Children will be given hand sanitizer outside of the camp building, or they will immediately be accompanied by a staff member to wash their hands at a sink inside.  After cleaning their hands, campers will be sent/escorted directly to their rooms.

  • No visitors, including parents, will be permitted to enter the facility.



Social Distancing and a Healthy Environment

In order to protect the health of the campers and staff, we are limiting the number of people coming in contact with one another.  As such, no parents or guests will be permitted into camp.  In addition, campers will remain with their camp group and their counselors throughout the day.  The children will eat lunch and snacks in their rooms and will go outside to play in the playground one group at a time.  In the primary divisions, limited camp staff will be permitted to move from bunk to bunk for specials after they wash their hands.  All activities will take place in the bunk room or outside.  In addition, Mini Gan Izzy will not interact with campers or staff of the upper division; the camps will remain completely separated from one another. Staff will receive a health screen when they arrive for work and will be thoroughly trained in our new policies.  In an effort to restrict the spread of any possible germs:

  • All staff will wear masks throughout the day.

  • Campers will not be required to wear a mask while in camp.

  • If you would like your child to wear a mask, please inform the division head and send your child in with a cloth mask every day.  We will send the mask home at the end of the day to be washed.  We will provide each camper with a paper bag to store their masks in when campers are eating or exercising. Counselors in Mini Gan Izzy will help the campers put their masks back on, making sure to face them the right way.

  • Items from home will not be allowed into camp, so please do not send toys, blankets, or loveys.  If you need to send a pacifier, please send a new one at the beginning of the summer session to leave in camp until the last day.  It will be washed at the end of each day.

  • Rooms will be arranged to allow campers to spread out, and campers will be reminded to try to social distance themselves from each other.

  • Campers will sit spaced apart from one another during lunch and snack time.

  • We recognize that it may not be possible to have young children maintain social distancing.  We will do our best to distance the children, but not at the sacrifice of a warm and loving environment.



Lunch and snack

Lunch and snacks will be served to each bunk in their bunk room, and we will not be serving any food family style.  Upon arrival, campers will go straight to their room to eat lunch.  Each lunch will be packaged in its own paper bag and will be waiting for your child in the classroom.   Children will be spaced out at the table and will use paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils that will be discarded after each use.  Staff will ensure that children do not share any food or drink during lunch.  Camp will provide all snacks in individual packages.  Staff will wear gloves and masks during meal time and will help children open food if requested.  



Intensified Hand washing, Cleaning, and Disinfecting

In keeping with the CDC recommendations, we will implement intensified handwashing, cleaning, and disinfecting guidelines.

  • Everyone will use hand sanitizer before entering the facility or a staff member will take them to wash hands upon entering.

  • Campers will be reminded to wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

  • Hand washing will take place when staff and campers enter the classroom, before meals or snacks, after meals or snacks, after outside time, after going to the bathroom or changing a diaper, after nose blowing or sneezing, and before leaving to go home.

  • All toys will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day.

  • Campers will be reminded to cough or sneeze into a tissue and then to wash hands.

  • mouthed toys will be removed after the child is finished.  It will be put into a bin until it can be cleaned and sanitized.  Only then will it be returned to the classroom.

  • Soft toys, pillows, fabric dress up clothing, etc. will be removed from the classroom as they can not be properly sanitized.  If we receive clear guidelines from the State or CDC that we can have these items in the room, we will return them and wash them weekly.

  • Children’s books and paper based materials are not considered high risk items and do not require sanitizing as per the CDC.

  • Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, such as light switches, handrails, faucets, doorknobs, tables, phones, toilets, etc.

  • playground equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between groups of children. 

  • Each room will be cleaned and disinfected every night.



Modified Illness Policy

If your child exhibits any symptoms of illness, keep your child home.  If your child becomes ill at camp, they will be taken to an isolation room with one staff member, and you will be called.  You will be asked to pick up your child immediately.  We will try to make your child as comfortable as possible.   Please respond to all camp phone calls in case it is important for us to reach you.  



  • A child will need to go home from camp if they exhibit any Covid 19 symptoms, such as a fever of 100 degrees fahrenheit or higher, dry cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, or rash.

  • Please call camp to inform us if anyone in your household becomes sick with the virus.

  • Please call camp if anyone in your family has been exposed to someone with the virus.

  • If a parent can not be reached, your emergency contact will be called to pick up your child.

  • In order for your child to return to camp after being sick, a doctor’s note saying your child is healthy enough to return must be provided.

  • If your child’s illness included a fever, your child will need to be fever free without medicine for 48 hours before returning (they will also need a doctor’s note as stated above).

  • This illness policy is in addition to the Yeshiva illness policy already in place.



Camper Dismissal

Dismissal locations will be the same as they are for arrival.  Please wait in your car for us to bring your child to you.  Please get out of your car and buckle in small children.  Older children will be permitted to walk home if parental permission is granted ahead of time.



Covid-19 Exposure

If a staff member or child in camp is diagnosed with Covid 19, we will immediately notify the Health Department, camp families, and staff.  We will not reveal the name of the individual who is sick in order to protect their privacy.  We will work with the Health Department to determine the necessary course of action in terms of closing a particular bunk room or the entire camp. All areas in camp used by the diagnosed staff member or camper will be cleaned and disinfected according to the CDC guidelines. If a staff member, child in camp, or the immediate family of a child in camp is in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid 19, they will be required to inform CGI and they will be asked to remain out of camp for 14 days (CDC recommends they self quarantine).  



Liability and other Waiver Forms

All parents and staff must sign an Acknowledgement form prior to the first day of camp.


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